Envirofoam™ TRU-2 2 LB 245 FA Blown Closed Cell Foam

 Envirofoam™ TRU-2  is a closed cell, 2 LB 245fa-blown spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation that achieves exceptional yield and adhesion in a wide range of ambient conditions and applications. When applied, Envirofoam™ TRU-2 expands to 25 times its size in approximately 12 seconds to seal and insulate. It can safely be applied in lift thickness of up to 4 inches in a single pass with excellent control and a smooth finish.

  Envirofoam™ TRU-2 spray polyurethane foam insulation system has an R-value of approximately 6.7 - 7 per inch. 

 Envirofoam™ TRU-2 HY-1 is a closed cell, fast-set SPF insulation, and is designed for use in commercial, industrial and metal buildings.  This product is applied as a liquid, and expands to fill and seal building cavities of any shape and size. Recommended thickness of spray should be no more than 1.5″ per pass.  This foam is ideal for post frame buildings, horse and pole barns, greenhouses/hot houses and steel truss buildings.

Envirofoam™ TRU-2 ECO is a 2-lb closed cell, SPF insulation that utilizes an HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) blowing agent. This HFO blowing agent features a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of just 1, which is nearly 1000 times less than the hydrofluorocarbon blowing agents that are the current industry standard, while still delivering the performance that contractors demand.

All 2-lb Envirofoam™ products are designed for use in wall, attic, and roof deck applications where they insulate, air-seal and add structural strength. They are also suitable for a tank and pipeline insulation and as a below-grade exterior insulation for foundation walls or slabs.



Envirofoam™ Tru-2 TDS (pdf)