Spray Foam Pictures

High End Residential Applications


Envirofoam of america is chosen for high end residential application on a regular basis. Some of these home are in construction for 2-3 years. Envirofoam installs not only spray foam  for insulation but also sound proofing and shark armor coatings for waterproofing foundation and exterior porches.  View these Properties and follow us on Facebook for more applications. 

Commercial Spray Foam Application


Envirofoam Regularly installs Commercial applications and Fire coatings. Envirofoam has installed for Colleges, State buildings, state transportation Buildings, Industrial Warehouses, Fire Departments, Police stations and For the Army Corp of engineers. We can handle anything.

Residential Wall Applications


Spraying foam with open or closed cell foam will make your home not only more comfortable but far more efficient than other built using conventional fiberglass or cellulose. Meet today's building codes and get The new code of R-21 in just a 2 x 4 cavity with closed cell foam or get The same R-21 with open cell in a 2 x 6 cavity. 

Residential Roof Spray Foam Pictures


If you follow the newest and most advanced Building science Articles and Testing then you already know that Spraying the back side of the roof deck in your residential home, pole barn or commercial application is the way to go. Have questions? give us a call. View Pictures Here

Pole Barn Applications


Envirofoam Sprays Hundreds Of Pole barns, Garages and post frame Building a year. Those that Have it done can work in their shop year around and can not believe the difference. Some go as far as saying "It's Magic". View Pictures here

Trailers & Vans


Do you have a Van, Pull behind trailer, Enclosed Goose neck Or shipping Container that you want to heat. Our Medium Density foam Is Flexible enough to move with the flexible steel and stay adhered to the substrate while insulating better than any material on the market for the thickness.

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Spray foam Foundations


Having a new home built and need to meet Building codes. Why use old foam board technology? Use the Material Building Scientist call "the only way to go".  Use our Shark armor 3.0 Lb Sub Zero Foam Along with Shark Armor  Polyurea Coating and get a complete monolithic seal - No cracks or seams and ask about our lifetime warranty. View Pictures Here 

Portable Buildings


Do you have a small portable building, Man cave, she shed or small steel carport. You can heat or cool these little building with a small Ac or Heater at minimal cost. When it is complete you will be amazed. View Pictures Here


envirofoam Closed cell Basement install

Finishing your basement? Don't forget the insulation. Spray foam before the studs go up and you get a complete monolithic seal. Studs already up? No problem we can still fill the cavities. 

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Crawl Spaces

Envirofoam Crawl Space Diagram

Prevent the stack effect in your home by sealing your crawl space off with closed cell foam. Spray the box sills, Exterior foundation walls, Floor deck and have us seal the floor. View Pictures Here

Thermal Inspections


Have an Envirofoam Trained Thermal Inspector visit your home and walk through with you. You can find out where you are loosing heat, Missing Insulation, Have water damage and more. 

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